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  • 2016-8-9
    Comprehensively promote the enterprise i...
    China Forging Association in 2011 China metal forming international exhibition and Conference - to promote enterprise informatization forging forging, stamping and sheet metal industry is the foundati...
  • 2016-8-9
    Metal forming exhibition audience invite...
    With the coming of the 2011 China International Metal Forming exhibition, the invitation of the audience is in full swing. This exhibition with more than and 100 domestic and foreign professional medi...
  • 2016-8-10
    Eight properties of copper forging
    Copper forging generally through forging, machining, heat treatment and other processes. In order to ensure the quality of mold manufacturing, reduce the production cost, the materials should have goo...

About us

About us
Shanghai Xingdao Forging Co. Ltd. is located in Jinshan District City, Shanghai Fengjing town Xingta Industrial Park, the factory covers an area of 33000 square meters, the existing staff of more than and 100 people, including title engineer 5 people, 10 professional and technical personnel. The beautiful scenery, fres...

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