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  • 2023-7-18
    Shanghai Forging Association Visits for ...
    On July 9th, 2023, leaders of the Shanghai Forging Association visited our company for guidance and provided skills training for our forging line workers. Teacher Yu from the Forging Association first...
  • 2016-8-9
    Comprehensively promote the enterprise i...
    China Forging Association in 2011 China metal forming international exhibition and Conference - to promote enterprise informatization forging forging, stamping and sheet metal industry is the foundati...
  • 2016-8-9
    Metal forming exhibition audience invite...
    With the coming of the 2011 China International Metal Forming exhibition, the invitation of the audience is in full swing. This exhibition with more than and 100 domestic and foreign professional medi...

About us

About us
ABOUT XINGDAO FORGING Shanghai Xingdao Forging Co. Ltd. is located in Shanghai, China with a factory covering 33000 square meters. Xingdao Forging has been specialized in metal forging and forging mechanical processing since 1987. Xingdao Forging manufactures all kinds of forging products with advanced technology and r...

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