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Comprehensively promote the enterprise informatization and Chinese Forging Forging Association 2011 China International Exhibition and Conference on metal forming

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China Forging Association in 2011 China metal forming international exhibition and Conference - to promote enterprise informatization forging forging, stamping and sheet metal industry is the foundation of the manufacturing industry, forming parts are widely used in automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, metallurgy, national defense, electric power, railway, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, electrical appliances, household appliances, containers and other industries, is the mechanical equipment of the main force bearing structure or bearing structures plays an important role for the quality and safety of end host. Metal forming industry is an old industry, but also a huge energy and material consumption, compared with the developed countries, our overall technology is relatively backward, a large gap between the various software and hardware is still relatively large. After the global financial crisis, the China parts of the enterprise market is still hot, but the actual profitability is not very optimistic: a significant rise in labor costs; small batch and multi varieties, short delivery cycle pressure; host plant will cost pressure to parts enterprises; to the precision of the product, repeat the precision, strength and lightweight requirements increase, parts enterprises should have the ability to provide a modular suite of components and environmental protection; pressure increase, energy saving and emission reduction, material saving, noise reduction has become a mandatory index; low-end products competition fierce, high-end products do not grasp the core competitiveness and so on.

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